Safety & Comfort
A comfortable, adjustable torsion ride seat and seat belt are provided.

Safety Buzzer Switch
A buzzer location within easy reach of the planter operator connects to a horn on the tractor which will alert the tractor operator to any hazardous conditions.


Packer Wheel Adjustment
Heavy duty, large diameter, steel packer wheels can be adjusted to meet varying soil conditions. They can be adjusted without adding weights. (This is required by some competitive planters)


Safety Door Latch
A safety door latch has been installed to insure greater protection for both the planter operator and the equipment. The tractor operator cannot operate the hydraulic systems unless the planter operator has secured the door latch first.


Red Safety Block
When properly installed, the safety block insures safety for anyone performing maintenance on the planter.


Shock absorbing features have been designed and built throughout the planter to insure greater operator comfort and safety. Superior equipment design helps the operator increase production and insures longer life of the planter. Grease fittings are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance. Extra heavy duty spindles, bearings and hubs extend periods between maintenance allowing more uninterrupted production. A sturdy, well built, roomy cab offers greater protection for the operator working in deadened or downed timber.